The ego-Culture of Separateness and The egoless Culture of Prior Unity


Humankind is functioning on the principle of ego—or separate identity and separative activity. Separateness and separativeness—or ego-“I”—is the idea of “difference”. That idea inevitably manifests as the process of “objectification”, control, and destruction. Egos will never unify the world. Only egolessness (or inherent non-separateness) is the principle of prior unity.


The culture of ego is self-destructive. A culture of egolessness must emerge. That is a culture of fullness. The principle of egolessness is the foundation (or root) of the principle of prior unity. Therefore, the transformation that is necessary is the transformation of human consciousness, individually and collectively, from the principle of ego (or separateness and separativeness) to the principle of egolessness. The principle of egolessness manifests itself as the active disposition of prior unity.


What is at the end is the same as whatever is at the beginning. If you begin with separateness, the end is dark. If you begin with prior unity, all that emerges is light.